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I’ve wanted to create content for quite some time. Not only as blog writings, but videos too. In other words today that would mean Youtube. Well, to be honest, I have actually created some content earlier for my homebrewery stuff. However what I mean is I want to create more techy videos. Something more related to my long-term passion. Though I’m pretty sure pure tech stuff wouldn’t gather too much audience so I’ve been thinking of mixing entertainment and “internet culture” into the content. You might be wondering whether that’s in line what I said about passion. Yes, it is, I don’t think it will cause distractions on the end-goals. Also I think it’s better to reach wider audience to expose the topics to more people. Especially because I don’t see any downside in doing so.

Now I can say pieces are falling into place. I did some research and decided on a low-budget Youtube studio setup. I even purchased the initial stuff, including lighting and a rig for all the equipment. Luckily I already own a camera, thanks to my photography hobby. Otherwise the budget would be a tad higher. Now you might wonder what’s holding me back. The answer is rather simple - nothing. I already completed and published couple of videos.

This far it has been very interesting journey. I have already learned tons of things, such as lighting, audio, editing, overall video shooting, etc… One of the most important things for me, initially, is to improve my presentation skills. I’ve never been much into keeping presentations and that is primarily the reason I’ve never paid much attention to those skills. Now I see it more problematic, because I need to keep all kinds of presentations (not public though). This is mostly due to my current work role as a software architect and consultant. And let’s be honest, presentation skills are really good and important thing in life… Anyhow, that being said - you probably have guessed the first videos were quite difficult for me in terms of presenting. You are absolutely right, the first couple tries of shooting I actually just discarded the material. Too awkward stuff. Finally I managed to shoot good enough material, though I had to spend quite much time on editing and cutting. I’d call the end result and editing method “brute force cutting”. The end result wasn’t even close to my vision. But hey, I had to start from somewhere and I thought it’s better to get more practice later on rather than polishing the first video for months. I guess at this point I cannot skip sharing the video - here it is: Which one is BEST for $$$? - Bitcoin vs Ethereum

The process of making the first videos has made me respect even more the pro youtubers. It takes so much time, skill and creativity to create a high quality video which is just 5-10 minutes long. Not to mention the longer ones. Though I’m pretty sure the biggest youtubers have people working for them, but there’s still bunch of youtubers who create quality content by themselves. Hats off.

Here’s my Youtube channel: niklas-e on Youtube - check it out and subscribe! :)

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